About Us

Our History

Rock Jewelers formerly Direct Jewelry Outlet™ dates back to 1925 when our uncle began to train as a jeweler. In 1928, he went on to Jewelry school to finalize his training. Later, he began to work in a fine Jewelry store, which he later purchased. Shortly thereafter, he began a small wholesale Jewelry company that sold to retailers but not to the public. This company sold to Jewelry stores, gift shops, and women’s stores. In 1980, David Shushnar bought this wholesale Jewelry Company and renamed it Jewelry International. We would import Jewelry from around the world as well as purchase from American manufacturers and wholesale exclusively to Jewelry stores, gift shops, and women’s stores. Jewelry International soon expanded operations, selling to stores in fourteen states.

In 1986, David opened his first outlet, Direct Jewelry Outlet™, selling fine Jewelry, 14K Gold, Diamonds, and Gemstones to the public. All Jewelry is top quality, no seconds or defective pieces, but discounted below the mall’s sale prices. Presently, there are Direct Jewelry Outlet™ stores in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Our concept and premise has always been to sell the best Jewelry at the lowest possible price. For many years people have paid a full retail mark up. We attribute much of the success of our discounted Jewelry business to our initial experience in wholesaling. When Direct Jewelry Outlet™ opened it eliminated the middle man. Direct Jewelry Outlet™ buys Jewelry directly from the manufacturer and sells directly to the public at discount prices. This model, combined with DJO’s low overhead, and cooperative volume-buying power allows us to sell quality Jewelry to the public at the absolute lowest price.

We believe that the secret of our success is our sources, buying power, low overhead, concepts, systems, verbalization to the customer and most importantly, our prices. These elements make us one of the most unique Jewelry chains in America.

Your Community Jeweler

Rock Jewelers has been a part of the Dayton area for more than 17 years.
Established 1996 by Nick and Lisa Siroki, the store enjoys considerable foot traffic. It’s also a primary destination for many in the surrounding areas who are serious about quality jewelry and top-notch service.

“We love the familiarity we have with the people who stop by our store,” says Nick and Lisa Siroki. “People know us and trust us, and are always willing to stop by just to say hello. Our business is built on relationships with people, and the Dayton, Ohio community has welcomed us and supported us for decades.”

Nick and Lisa have direct buying power through many manufacturers. Through years of experience they have formulated solid partnerships and they are known industry-wide for their loyalty and honest approach to business. Their manufacturers know them and trust them and work directly with them, offering the finest gems at the best possible prices.

A Unique Approach

Rock Jewelers utilizes a completely different business strategy from other Jewelry stores and large shopping mall chains. Our stores maintain a better quality of merchandise and offer better quality Diamonds and Gemstone prices below retail rates because:

Our stores are committed to a different approach to business that is not about high-volume or hype. We are proud of our:

Educating Our Customers

Beyond our unique buying arrangement with Gem Dealers and Manufacturers, our commitment to educating our customers is our greatest hallmark.

Most people don’t buy a Diamond or piece of Gemstone Jewelry often enough in their lives to consider themselves “experts”. For this reason, they sometimes approach the buying process with a bit of distrust and uncertainty. They wonder, “Am I getting truthful information on how to know what I am buying? Our sales representatives are passionate about educating customers as to what makes one Diamond better than another, how Gems are graded and priced, and how to spot a deal that may be too good to be true. Rock Jeweler sales personnel are strictly non-commissioned. They have all the time in the world for you!

Integrity and Honesty

Rock Jewelers is known as a pillar of the business community with a long-standing reputation for honesty, integrity and service. Nick and Lisa admit that the company thrives and prospers on repeat business and referrals.

“The biggest compliment we get is that our customers keep coming back to us,” they say. “And they tell their friends and family about us, too. It’s really rewarding to have earned their trust and business. When you boil it all down, we’re all about service, price, quality and integrity. We work very hard at all four of those business foundation blocks.”

Rock Jewelers also is a committed member of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC), an organization formed in 1912 to provide education and self-regulation to the Jewelry industry. Members pledge to operate under the highest standards of honesty, integrity and business practices.

Rock Jewelers is proud to have received the highest rating possible from the Jewelry Board of Trade.
Rock Jewelers has received multiple Readers Choice Awards over the years as well.

What our customers say about us

“Rock Jewelers isn’t a typical Jewelry store: You won't find glittering displays, but a small, simple shop. We liked that the price tags are face up and there is no sales pressure. We learned later that the clerks do not work on commission."

“These no-frills stores offer Gold Jewelry priced by the gram -- They also sell Diamonds and colored Gems -- both loose and set, and there is a stack of catalogues if you don't see what you want.”

“Rock Jewelers… has eliminated one of the steps in Jewelry mark-up and thus can sell Gold for an incredible price that is seriously below that of other retailers. An informal survey of area jewelers found that other Gold sold at other retailers averages much higher per gram, with the price much higher at the most expensive stores.”

“Rock Jewelers… has Gold, Silver, Gemstones, and Pearls, as well as fine Watches at prices that make other jewelers blush.”

“Rock Jewelers. The name sounded too good to be true. So did the concept -- a store that sells Gold, Diamond, Gemstone, and other Jewelry at or slightly above cost. But one look into the glass cases and we were hooked.”